Cardamom seedlings get no market in Ilam

Ilam, June 24Market for cardamom seedlings has sharply declined in Ilam. Farmers who dreamt of making money through the sale of nursery plants of cardamom are disappointed with the fall in the supply.
It is said that falling price of cardamom fruits and farmers having sufficient plants for cardamom cultivation are the reasons for dwindling market for nursery plants.
According to Govinda Poudel of Jirmale of Rong rural municipality, the village, a hub for production of cardamom nursery plants, has so far seen zero supply. Different varieties of cardamom seedlings locally known as Ramsai, Golsai, Jirmale and Saune are available here.
Until last year, its business was good here. But this time, situation turns against the fate of farmers, leaving them disappointed. The price of cardamom was up to Rs 140,000 per man (40 kg) until some years ago.

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